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Integrated Loan Processing

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Integrated Loan Processing

Management of credit processes ranging from portfolio determination, submission analysis, review of financing to returns quickly, accurately while maintaining quality and risk.

4 Dimensions of Business Process Management that can be done through the ILP platform are:
Process: Arrangement of business processes with a process flow model consisting of stages and activities with timing of TAT and SLA on each function including holiday stipulation.
Policy: Setting business processes according to Segment, program / product. Type of submission, and Risk Acceptance Criteria
Browse: Arrangement of business processes according to capability and competency and functions of resources contained in the Bank.
Infrastructure: Arrangement of business process according to the determination of office network as point of sales, central operation and Risk Unit.

1. Simplify and speed up the termination process without prejudice to prudential banking principles in termination of financing.
2. Monitoring and control & supervision function will run more effectively so that expected target achievement of expansion will be achieved with level of NPL relatively lower.
3. Efficiency of time and cost in the financing process so as to have potential increase in Business volume & interest income earlier.
4. Optimizing Capital usage.
5. Integrated IT ranging from sales, processing, disbursement to monitoring units at headquarters.
6. Improve service factor to customers.
7. Reduce Manual update handling, thus avoiding human error.
8. Decision making is faster and more accurate.

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