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Simple Services Agreements

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Simple Services Agreements

Arnawa Intech Simple Service Agreements

Don’t wait for an IT problem to hit your business and then respond with “reactionary” support. This is costly and dangerous. If IT support is an afterthought, or you only call your provider when something is wrong, you will eventually by hit with a disaster that causes data loss, a data breach, encryption of all of your data, or a complete loss of your data. Our Simple Service Agreement is so affordable that every business can now have personalized on-site support performed by certified engineers that get to know you, your business, your operations and feel like they are one of your own staff members.

When is the last time you verified that your backup system was actually writing data to your NAS, or cloud storage device? How often do you apply critical security patches to your servers? When was the last time the firmware was updated on your wireless routers or your switches? Has your firewall log ever been checked for hacker attacks? Let’s face it – you are too busy running your business to be worried about network maintenance, patches, employee computer problems and the latest hacker exploits. You need a professional IT administrator, but do not need the extra expense that comes with them.

This is why you need an Arnawa Intech Simple Service Agreement (SSA). This service assigns one or two professional and certified network technicians to your company and has them rotate visits to your place of business on a regular schedule to handle all of these critical issues for you. You also get a network engineer that will perform all of the server and infrastructure maintenance remotely to ensure everything is in top condition. Daily, weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly packages are available. You will see the same technicians each time so they learn the inner workings of your company and become a virtual member of your staff. Each visit, your technician will examine your critical network systems, apply the latest security enhancements to your systems, setup any new equipment you may have purchased and handle any punch-list items you may have waiting for them such as setting up new PC’s, printers, software and so much more.

Your staff will appreciate and love this program because it gives your organization their own expert IT department to help them with all of the struggles that come with our digital world. They will always know when the IT person will be back at your office. Suddenly, IT does not seem so daunting or frustrating.

Our SSA+ program allows our engineers to install our managed services tool on each workstation and server to automate the low-level maintenance tasks that are time consuming and costly from a labor standpoint. The tool does all of the work and helps to keep the technicians from worrying about things like installing patches, defragging hard drives and can warn them about other issues your systems might be experiencing. On their visits, the technicians look at the control panel, ensure the automation is working, and visit only those systems that are reporting issues. Talk about a time savings! This allows our technicians to focus on the higher-level needs such as security, infrastructure and consulting with you.

Our Simple Service Agreement is by far our most popular package because you will be receiving help from top-level certified network technicians and engineers at our lowest rate available! In keeping with our whole IT support philosophy, we will never lock you into a long term commitment. Our Simple Service Agreements run month to month so you do not have to lock yourself into a long term commitment. Once you see what we can do for you, you are welcome to sign up for a one, two or three-year commitment and receive additional savings.

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