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99% Uptime Guarantee

99% Uptime Guarantee

Arnawa Intech Knight Watch Service
What Would a Server or Network Crash Cost Your Business?

(Formally our 99% UPTIME GUARANTEE)

What is the cost of downtime? Think of the lost productivity you could face when a workstation goes down, a server crashes, or your network laser printer needs repair. One of your employees or your entire staff could be down and unable to work. When you add in the amount of time and money it takes to get your equipment repaired, the results could be disastrous! Now there is a way to take the uncertainty out of your equipment support needs. Introducing the Arnawa Intech Knight Watch Service! Should something happen that brings down your covered network equipment including your, servers, workstations, NAS / SAN, laptops, laser printers or infrastructure gear, our engineers will be on-site at your office within four hours of your first call to us to fix your equipment and make sure that your systems are operational. They will even bring spare equipment with them to lend to you in case your equipment needs to go out for repair! Have a server that is out of manufacturer warranty, but still needs to be kept in use? What would happen if the motherboard went out? How long would it take to find a replacement and get it installed? Can you afford to be without a critical server for months? Extend your warranty protection and have the parts covered with Knight Watch! Imagine dropping a laptop and waiting three weeks to have your cracked screen repaired… what would you do? We’ll lend one to you at no extra charge! Imagine your office laser printer jams and needs to be serviced but the part is backordered for two weeks… how long can your office forgo printing? We’ll bring a spare for you to use! All major brands are covered including HP, IBM, Dell, Cisco, Watchguard, EMC, NetApp, and more! We offer two levels of service for your convenience, Gold and Platinum. The Gold Service covers on-site hardware repair. Upgrade to our Platinum Service and we’ll also include up to four hours of service per incident to reprogram firewalls, setup operating systems, restore data, and test to ensure that not only is the hardware functional again, but the software as well.

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